A Day in the Life of a Marketing Apprentice

Written by Gabriella Howard

At Opus, a number of our staff are studying for or have recently completedOpus Marketing Assistant Kim apprenticeships to help kickstart their careers or develop their learning and skills.

Kim joined Opus as a marketing assistant in September 2020 and is currently completing her Level 3 marketing assistant apprenticeship. This National Apprenticeships Week, Kim shares what it’s like to combine work with study and how she manages this whilst working remotely.

Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an amazing opportunity to learn whilst experiencing the world of work, it’s the perfect alternative to university or college for me because those options just didn’t feel quite right. I am a kinesthetics learner, which means I benefit most from learning by doing a physically active role. An apprenticeship involves learning whilst working in the area of your study, so for me it is the ideal route to take.

Why did a marketing apprenticeship appeal to you?

I’m a creative person, I have a design flair which is always useful when working in marketing. I wanted to go into a career that would allow me to explore creativity and require innovative ideas – and marketing does exactly this. In fact, marketing covers a lot of aspects that you probably wouldn’t even realise! But I enjoy the wide range involved in this role. This area of work is where I felt I could make the most potential with my abilities, therefore it has always been appealing to me.

What does a typical day look like?

It’s hard to predict what a typical day looks like because marketing is a vast field! However, the things I would usually do each day involve monitoring the social media accounts, checking emails (like all office jobs, I know, but you never know when something urgent may come through), reading marketing and recruitment news as it’s important to stay up to date because things can change quickly, updating the company website, creating newsletters and generating content (written and graphic) – I do a fair amount of this in my role as it’s something I have good skills in.

Each day will be different depending on the priority of what we need to do, it’s a face-paced environment but I most definitely enjoy it!

How do you manage your time between work and study?

I have a chosen day during the week where I solely work on my apprenticeship and any outstanding work or studying I need to complete for it. This is the same every week and helps me keep myself organised and manage my time effectively with the different tasks I need to achieve for both my role and apprenticeship. I also like to write a ‘To Do’ list in my notepad so I can keep on top of my workload and prioritise which tasks I need to do and how much time I allocate to each of them.

Due to current circumstances, I have been working from home which is definitely different! But Opus have made me feel welcome since I started remotely and provided me with the resources and support needed to do my job and start my apprenticeship. They have been really accommodating in making sure I am receiving the amount of time I need during the week to complete apprenticeship work and learning but also being there if I need any help.

What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship?

The learning and wide range of roles that marketing covers. Marketing is something I am interested in, so everything I am learning I enjoy because it unlocks new potential. I am developing my own knowledge everyday which is helping me with my role as I can begin to take on new tasks and responsibility – making it even more enjoyable as I am getting to put my learning into action.

What are you most proud of?

My progress, I know I haven’t yet completed my apprenticeship and I am still early into it but the progression I have made so far, I am proud of. Each day involves learning something new and for where I am now compared to when I started my job and apprenticeship back in September 2020 is a huge difference. The littlest of steps can make the biggest impact, I am learning things one step at a time, but each new piece of knowledge is something I can apply to my role and use to be encouraged to take on more tasks and responsibility.

It’s true what they say, if you put your mind to it you really can do it.

How do you see your apprenticeship helping your future career?

Completing my apprenticeship will open a new door of opportunities for my future career which I can’t wait to step into. At the end of completion, I will have gained the knowledge and skills I need to (hopefully) succeed in the marketing industry and make progression in my current role with my company – potentially taking on the next level of my qualification. There will be plenty of options available to go forward with my career and I am excited to see where they take me.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start an apprenticeship?

Choose something that suits you, something that you want to do and can develop in as there are so many opportunities through apprenticeships that can help your future career. But what I would say is make sure you are committed because to get the most benefit from the apprenticeship, you also have to put the effort and time in for it.


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Written by Gabriella Howard