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WMTemps – an innovative resourcing solution for councils in the West Midlands

WMTemps is a unique resourcing solution developed by WMEmployers and powered by Opus People Solutions that provides an exciting opportunity for councils in the West Midlands to tackle a range of workforce problems and transform how they recruit and manage their temporary workforce.

The service was created in response to councils in the West Midlands asking WME to help find a solution to a range of workforce issues, many linked to temp agency services and some which affected the wider workforce.

WMTemps adds strategic value to West Midland’s customers by transforming the way we procure and manage temporary workers via a resourcing solution that also supports and invests in a regional strategy - tackling whole workforce improvements.

The strategic partnership formed between WME and Opus People Solutions offers a collaborative and region-wide approach that aims to deliver sustainable and impactful change in the sector.

What does WMTemps offer?
  • Better visibility and control of the temporary workforce

  • Reduction in utilisation of temporary workers

  • More effective and efficient agency worker provision

  • Local workers and suppliers

  • Greater satisfaction for managers and temporary workers

  • Better quality provision of temporary workers

  • Contribution to temporary workforce

What sets WMTemps apart?

WMTemps is not just any agency service, it is a workforce solution driven by a regional strategy underpinned by an enhanced agency service and has been developed with the best interests of local authorities in mind to help offer a solution that makes a real difference.

We have developed a unique approach that links a regional workforce strategy to a regional agency solution. This means that councils in the West Midlands can have a more in depth understanding of their agency service, have greater transparency over processes and fees, have access to meaningful data and wider service insights reports, and a master vend service solution that will deliver work ready candidates, streamlined and consistent processes for all councils, and a reduction in ‘manager time’ as a result.

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