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A Day in the Life of an Account Manager

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Working in education recruitment brings new opportunities and challenges to the role each day. It’s a fast-paced, rewarding career that our team of talented Account Managers take pride in.

We spoke to one of our Account Managers, Ross, at Opus Teach to share his insights on a career in education recruitment and what he loves most about his job.

What does a typical day look like for you? Is there such a thing?

Every day is different in Opus Teach. We manage short-term and long-term requests as a first point of call. Pushing compliance and interviewing new education professionals. Approaching new schools and education providers that haven’t worked with us before is embedded in my daily routine. 

What attracted you to working in recruitment, in particular the education industry?

I was drawn to Opus Teach because of the team culture and I feel grateful and proud to make a positive impact in education industry. I get to earn money and make a difference every week in my role.

What are some of the challenges faced?

We often get last-minute supply requests from schools and those can be hard to fill at such short notice, but I never back down from a challenge. Our system works in real time so we’re able to quickly contact teachers and do our best to fill that request for the school as swiftly as possible.

We also manage long-term supply requests which can be tricky at times as it requires a bigger commitment from our supply teachers but helping schools with long-term cover is one of the team's strong points.

What skills prepared you for your role?

I have strong business development skills and overall business acumen which helps me everyday in my role as Account Manager. It also helps that I have previous recruitment experience, so I know what needs to be done in order to succeed. 

How do you bounce back when things don’t go as planned?

I know that recruitment has its ups and downs. When things aren’t going our way, we focus on doing the basic things extremely well. Such as, keeping our CRM up to date, calling people back when we say we will, staying positive and striving to do our best as a team every day.

How do you stay on top of the continuous changes within the education industry and recruitment market?

In Opus Teach we interview different types of education professionals every week and this involves us being on a panel with an ex-Headteacher. Being apart of this rigorous interview process keeps us aware of any changes and updates in the education industry. 

Alongside this, I prioritise reading industry news each week to stay knowledgeable and prepared to adapt to any education sector changes.

What do you enjoy most about working at Opus Teach?

The team culture, the flexibility and the roles autonomy is the best!

If you are a school looking for cover or teaching staff looking work, visit the Opus Teach website or contact us on 03301 242801/ to see how Opus Teach can support your needs.