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A Day in the Life of a Recruitment Consultant

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As a Recruitment Consultant, there’s no such thing as a regular day. Every day is different and brings a new array of opportunities and challenges for our talented group of recruiters.

We spoke to one of our Private Sectorteam members, Lewis Goody, to share his insights on a career as a Recruitment Consultant and what he loves most about his job.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like For You? Is There Such a Thing?

It really depends on the day. As a consultant, I’m quite routine-driven. For example, the first thing I do on a Monday morning is read through all my applications, organise them, call/email them and move forward from there. I guess that’s a daily routine for me, but on Monday the volume is always at its greatest as it’s rolled over from the weekend.

What Attracted You to Working in Recruitment?

Getting the opportunity to have a career that allows me to talk to people all day and be paid for it!

What Are the Best Aspects of Working in Recruitment?

I get the opportunity to talk to people all day! It’s also a way of getting to know different people from various walks of life. For a brief period of time, you really do get to know someone. Especially in a time of change as big as the current, it’s great to be able to offer my support to candidates throughout their entire journey.

What Are Some of the Challenges Faced?

One of the biggest challenges is rejection, whether that’s your own or a candidate/client. Rejection can be difficult, but I choose to focus on all the positive outcomes to drive myself to succeed the next time.

What Skills Prepared You for Your Role As a Recruiter?

Being curious and asking loads of questions! I was always that kid that said ‘why’ to everything and questioned everything my parents had to say. Now I get to do it professionally and that opens so many avenues. (The questions don’t have to be why, but you get the point).

How Do You Bounce Back When Things Don’t Go As Planned?

One of my biggest qualities is my drive, so that pushes me to carry on when things don’t go as planned and move forward to achieve the end goal I have set out. That goal can be personal or professional. If there is a time I am struggling to bounce back, I leave the issue for the day and talk it through with my Fiancé. When I revisit it the next day, I am fully focused and ready to power through it.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at Opus People Solutions?

The flexibility around my personal life, with no questions asked. As long as I’m doing my hours and achieving my targets, I can adjust my schedule which is significantly helpful in improving my work/life balance.

What’s Your Advice For Anyone Wanting to Kickstart a Career in Recruitment?

My advice is to jump straight in with both feet and ask a lot of questions; curiosity makes you good! Also, any transferable skillsyou have or can learn are always an important boost to have on your CV.

How Do You Stay on Top of the Recruitment Market and Industries You Recruit for?

Once again, by talking to people all day and listening. If you allow your conversations to be a platform to talk openly, people will tell you what’s changing, what could be better and what they wish they had. All those answers and information can be used to fill a vacancy by understanding what the market wants and advising your clients of this. I also ensure to put in time each week to research industry and market news to keep on top of the continuous changes that happen in my area of work.

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