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How to Welcome New Employees Remotely

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​The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many companies move to working from home and adapting to new ways of working. Luckily today’s technology and infrastructures mean that many previously office-based organisations have been able to operate a ‘business a usual’ approach when working from home. This includes welcoming new employees remotely.

For a new employee, starting any new role can feel daunting, let alone when doing so remotely. Here are our tips on how to welcome a new member into your team remotely and ensure them maximum support and confidence in their new role.

Be prepared

Before arranging a start date with your new employee, ensure you give yourself enough time to prepare their induction, sort out technology and ensure you are in the best possible position. Although it is great to get someone started ASAP in their new position, sometimes having more time to prepare will lead to a much more efficient induction and, unlike when you’re in the normal office environment, it can be a lot more difficult to remotely source or organise something you may have forgotten

Remember that there may need to be extra things you need to think about, in addition to your usual induction process. Now more than ever, there needs be regular access to video software/messaging software that allows any questions to be freely asked as they would be in an office.


No matter how long you’ve worked in your current company for and who you know and get along with in the office, we have all discovered it can be very easy to subconsciously isolate yourself when working from home. Therefore, making sure you introduce the new member of your team to everyone is incredibly important.

The first day in any new job can be daunting, and even more so if you can’t socialise with and get to know your new colleagues face to face. Let your current employees know beforehand who the new starter will be, when they start and their job role and encourage them to introduce themselves and get to know their new colleague. Make sure to allow plenty of opportunities to video call and have some social interaction. Regardless of whether your new starter will be working with everyone within the company, it is important they have been introduced to everyone and can put a face to a name.

Coffee breaks

Once these initial introductions have been made, it is important to maintain these relationships. Schedule in time for ‘coffee breaks’ which encourages non work-related chat to get to know each other better. As you would do in an office, it is important to get to know each other a bit more personally to create and enhance those working relationships. It will help your new colleague get to know others, feel settled as well as show that people are taking an interest in them.

Remote social events

Are your teams having bingo nights? Zoom quizzes? Whatever it may be, ensure that your new colleague has been invited and personally asked if they are attending. Sometimes it can feel intimidating to just accept a request, however someone asking personally if they are attending will allow them an opportunity to ask any questions which can relieve any nerves and help a new starter jump onboard!

Make time in your diary to be available

Being able to provide as much support and time to your team member is essential. Providing them with clear structure and contact time with yourself and other members of their team will be incredibly beneficial for them and will make the feel reassured that they will be well supported in their new environment.

Having a great induction and welcome for a new starter during this unprecedented time can be successful and well adapted to the current climate. A little bit of patience and understanding can go a long way and your new starter will be settled and will feel like they’ve been part of the team for months!