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How Can a Recruitment Agency Help Your Job Search?

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​At times, searching for a new job can feel like a job in itself. Find out below how working with a recruitment agency can speed up your job search and help you find your perfect role.

Free up your own time

One of the biggest benefits of using a recruitment agency as a candidate is the pressure it takes off the job seeking process. Once you speak to your recruitment consultant about the type of role you are looking for, hours you would like to work and desired salary, the rest of the process is in their hands; saving you from hours of searching, applying and finding unsuitable jobs.

Understand your needs

With on average almost a third of your time spent at work, it’s important to find a job you like. Whether it is flexible working, a short commute, or a temporary job that you are looking for, working with a recruiter can help you find a role that suits your individual needs.

Find specialist roles

Many agencies focus on a specialism and are experts in that field. Registering with a recruitment agency can not only help you find jobs targeted to your field, but the recruiters can also offer valuable CV and interview advice for your specialism.

It’s also worth noting that some hiring organisations only use recruitment agencies to source new employees and therefore by signing up with an agency you’re likely to access a variety of roles that haven’t been advertised elsewhere.

For example, at Opus we work directly with a number of councils in the East of England to fill all temporary vacancies and so registering with us is the only way to find out about any available temporary jobs.

What to look for in a recruitment agency

Once you’ve decided that you would like to use a recruitment agency to help with your job search, it’s important to make sure that you find the right one for you. Do your research and take a look at the type of roles they offer, as well as their reputation.

A good recruitment agency will understand your field and will be able to provide you with informed advice surrounding your application. They will also have a good knowledge of the market and be able to support you with things such as negotiating salary.

A key part of recruitment is establishing and maintaining relationships with both candidates and clients, and so a good recruiter will demonstrate excellent communication and show a genuine interest in you and your job search. This includes meeting you in person to understand more about your skillset and exactly what you are looking for in a role, and providing constructive feedback after interviews.

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