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A Day in the Life of a Clerk to the Council

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​Town or parish council clerks have an interesting, rewarding and varied job which plays a vital role in ensuring that the duties of the council are conducted properly. We spoke to one of our locum clerks to gain an insight to her role and see what a typical day for a town or parish clerk looks like.

Why did you choose to become a town clerk?

I chose to become a town clerk as I enjoy the variety and flexibility which this role offers  – I am able to do most work from home and can manage my time accordingly; the work is a mixture of routine and new matters so there is always something new to get to grips with.

What are the day to day tasks in your role/ what does a typical day look like?

A typical day includes either preparing and researching agenda items and putting together papers for the councillor’s meeting packs or following up after a meeting by preparing minutes and executing any agreed actions; book-keeping and banking; monitoring planning applications affecting the local area and responding to correspondence. Sometimes I need to go on site to check different issues for myself; sometimes I attend training and networking events to keep up to date with current hot topics; I also have to attend all council meetings – usually in the evenings.

What’s your favourite thing about the role?

My favourite thing about the role is that I enjoy working with councillors who, as volunteers, are committed to trying to maintain/ improve their communities and are passionate about trying to make a positive influence.

What are the benefits of being  locum?

The benefits of being a locum are that I have been able to pick up some new experience, i.e. of supporting a larger council with a larger budget and greater range of different assets to that which I have had to look after in a permanent role. It has broadened my experience.

What advice would you give someone looking to become a town clerk?

If you have some spare capacity and are considering developing your skills and experience, then becoming a locum clerk is a great way of developing yourself, without making a permanent commitment to a larger/additional role.

We are currently working alongside the Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) to recruit locum and permanent clerks for town and parish councils in Suffolk.

If you are looking for interesting, flexible and rewarding clerking opportunities, register with us today to be notified of all future roles.

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