QSW - DAAT - Northamptonshire Children's Trust

Posted 25 July 2022
Salary Negotiable
Job type Temporary
DisciplineSocial Work & Care
ContactVaughan Graham

Job description

We are recruiting for qualified social workers to join Northamton Children's Trust Assessment service across multiple locations across the county.

General Overview:

Duty and assessment team is the frontline, single point of contact for all incoming safeguarding concerns relating to young people within the catchment area. Reports will initially come into the MASH service, and then be passed on to DAAT. This sector consists of 6 teams, of approximately 8-10 staff each, with every team consisting of a Team Manager, Advanced Practitioner, Social Workers, Newly Qualified Social Workers, and Family Support Workers.

As far as service expectations go, CIN cases are expected to be visited within 5 days, whereas CP cases are expected to be visited within 24 hours, or same day if possible, and the service moves at pace to ensure every child is seen promptly.

DAAT is a countywide service, covering all areas of Northamptonshire. This may sound daunting to potential candidates, however the team hopes to support candidates long term to have their 'allocated area' to work in, meaning they will only cover cases within a given geographical area (e.g - Daventry/Northampton Central/Corby)

Working Arrangements:

The team operates on a 6 week duty cycle, with candidates needing to be in office for a FULL week during their duty week, and to be local during visit time. Aside from the on-site duty activity required during their allocated week, candidates can work remotely for the other 4 weeks.

For candidates remote working, they will be given a laptop as standard, but keyboards and extra screens can be provided for ease of working if required. The service strives to fully support candidates to work from home/office in the best, most productive manner possible.

Condensed hours will be considered, but the candidate must still be able to commit to full time 5 days during their week on duty.

Team Feel:

DAAT at NCT is a stable service, with top level management being predominantly perm, and the locum TMs that currently reside, have both been in the service 2+ years, meaning all managers are 'time served' members of the team, and able to offer enhanced support.

Caseloads are capped off at 35, with cases currently sitting at around 25-30. Workloads are rearranged when needed to compensate, and it is worth noting that a lot of families will have higher number of children, so a social worker may only be working with around 5 families at a time.

DAAT can offer training to locums via overspill from perm training allocations, and will book candidates to training based on time served at the authority.


£150 per week for candidates over 60 miles away from the office (need proof of address in order to receive) (PRO RATA'D)

£30 per day for days outside of the duty week that the candidate works from the office if over 60 miles away

45p per mile in mileage

Simply apply for the role and I can get into contact to go through any additional questions you might have