Business Admin Support Assistant

Posted 20 May 2022
LocationMilton Keynes
Job type Temporary
ContactNaomi Grant

Job description

Job Family- Professional & Technical

Role Characteristics

At this level posts carry out complex administrative tasks in accordance with established guidelines and operating instructions. Job holders will plan to maximise efficiency and will be expected to deal with a range of administrative issues independently, including matters which may see them deal directly with those negatively affected by their decisions.

The Knowledge and Skills Required

Jobs require knowledge of a range of potentially complex tasks gained through a combination of formal education/training and job experience. The specific procedures, terminology and policy awareness required to support the specialist nature of team operations will be learned on the job.

Given the importance of maintaining accurate statutory records, some precision in typing and other record keeping tasks is required.

Thinking, Planning and Communication

Significant judgmental skills are required to prioritise, plan and manage a wide range of inter-related administrative tasks within short time scales.

Analysing day to day problems and interpreting occasionally conflicting information will be necessary to support the work of the wider team.

These roles will interact regularly with immediate colleagues, other Council employees and outside contacts. They will exchange varied information with others and will also need to advise and even persuade others, for instance seeking information or ensuring the timely completion of interdependent tasks.

Decision Making and Innovation

Although rules, regulations and standard operating procedures provide a firm framework for decisions and advice offered, the job holder will inevitably be expected to deal personally with unexpected situations from time to time. Particularly challenging or unusual problems will, however, be referred to the appropriate supervisor/manager.

Areas of Responsibility

The work carried out by job holders directly benefits colleagues and/or external partners or the public by providing them either with services or authoritative advice and guidance.

Other than assisting with the induction and orientation of new team members, job holders will not have managerial or supervisory responsibilities over other employees.

Roles will have direct financial responsibilities but the precise nature of these will vary from post to post. While some may be accountable for spending decisions from an agreed budget, others may track and report of the movement of considerable sums.

Job holders will be expected to bear responsibility for the accuracy, confidentiality and security of the information they manage and share. They may, in addition, have responsibility for the care and safe keeping of office equipment.

Impacts and Demands

There will be modest demand for enhanced physical exertion, as most work can be done in the context of a normal office, or similar, environment. Some lifting and carrying of files, printed material or equipment will be needed quite regularly.

In an often busy and demanding working environment, job holders will need to engage in lengthy periods of concentrated mental attention to complete tasks and meet changing deadlines or deal with unavoidable interruptions.

Job holders will occasionally have contact with individuals whose circumstances or behaviour place more than normal emotional demands on the post holder.

With almost all work being carried out in normal office environments, there will be little or no exposure to disagreeable, unpleasant or hazardous working conditions. Job holders may, on rare occasions, experience unpleasant people related behaviour.