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If you're passionate about teaching but looking for a role which offers flexibility and variety, then supply teaching is for you. Our Opus Teach team work with primary and secondary schools across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to resource supply teachers and support staff for day to day, short-term and long-term supply.

Every school is different and supply teaching offers the chance to experience different working environments and find out what works best for you. Our friendly and professional Account Managers are on hand to find you teaching opportunities that not only meet your practical requirements but suit your skills, enabling you to truly enjoy your role and provide the best support and consistency to students.

​Our Opus Teach team are always looking for supply teachers, teaching assistants and support staff to join them and be matched with schools in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

For more information and to register visit our Opus Teach website.

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    "​The Opus Teach team are professional, friendly and supportive. From the moment I applied to work with them, they have supported me through the induction process and int the classroom. They have been amazing and I would highly recommend them to any teacher or school."

    Supply teacher