Welcome to the team, Northampton!

Written by Tom Brown

Northamptonshire Opus LGSS team at a Northampton Jobs Fair

Last week, our second Opus LGSS office opened its doors in Northampton and is now recruiting on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council. Oliver Askew, Recruitment Consultant for Opus LGSS, gives us an insight into what went on in the team’s first week…

On Tuesday morning, the four of us- Oliver, Megan, Kat and Terrie- arrived in the shiny new office, and it took us all a while to get over just how shiny and new it really was! We were all waiting for the bubble to burst and for us to find out that we were actually working in some gloomy back room somewhere.

After the standard “getting to know you” exercises we started to find out a little bit more about each other- Terrie had the unfair advantage of having worked with both Kat and myself in the past.

Wednesday and Thursday saw us starting to get to grips with the systems and we learnt a lot about the Opus way of working. Things were really starting to come together and we were finally accepting the shiny new office as a home.

Friday was a big day, since it was our first team outing together as Opus LGSS. We attended the Northampton Jobs Fair in the Guildhall, and the pressure was on to secure lots of new sign ups in the area. After setting up our stand with Opus LGSS pens, stress balls, banners, post-it notes and of course the essential sweet- bowl, we opened the doors to the great Northamptonshire public.
After four hours chatting with a steady stream of prospective candidates we managed to get over 100 people signed up and ready to contact!

This week started with us perfecting the basics and getting our screens, phones and printer installed. All of us are finding our own ways and supporting each other. We have even completed some early bird registrations ready for going live on 31 July! We each have our own pipeline of candidates slowly building up and are excited to get into gear. We will be spending the latter half of the week going back to where it all began and making the journey to Ipswich to meet with the team there.

All of us are very much looking forward to learning from them and getting a glimpse into what the future could hold for us after we go live- and of course breakfast on the Friday morning after the Thursday night drinks!

Written by Tom Brown