How Can a Temporary Job Help to Kick-Start Your Career?

Written by Gabriella Howard

Temporary work is often thought of as a short term solution for employment, after all it’s in the name! However, did you know that a temporary job can also be a great way to kick-start your longer term career plans?

A temporary job provides the perfect opportunity to gain experience in a new role and can help you to make some important decisions about where you want your career to go in the future.

On average, one in five of our temporary workers are offered a permanent position at the end of their placement. On top of this, all of our workers are able to apply for permanent roles in the councils we work with as an ‘internal candidate’. This is a great way to find out about internal roles which may not be advertised on external jobs boards. Once in a permanent role there are multiple opportunities to develop your skills and build your career path, including enrolling on an apprenticeship.

Below, we hear first-hand how starting an apprenticeship through LGSS has helped the following people to further their career in the public sector.


Ms BL – CIPFA- Level 7, Standard Professional Accountant apprenticeship

The process for the apprenticeship scheme was fairly straightforward for me as I joined the scheme at the start of my new role. I received plenty of support from my line manager to complete the application forms and the learning and development advisor was happy to answer any queries I had.

One of the benefits that I have experienced since starting my apprenticeship programme is receiving time off work to attend classes which has been beneficial in managing my studies. Another benefit is the additional support that has been provided to me; my managers have contacted the course provider on my behalf at times when I have been struggling to request for additional support, which may otherwise not be available to me.

In addition to this I have also been given study leave for my exams which has been very helpful since the course can be intense at times particularly towards the exam period.


Mr OD – Level 2 Customer Service QCF/NVQ

Application Process

The application process was straightforward and easy to complete as the employer had provided the job description and person specification, which gave me, exactly what the employer wanted for its vacancy.

My apprenticeship experience was fantastic. Everyone was understanding that I didn’t have much experience and knowledge within my area so would always offer support.

When I began my apprenticeship I was buddied up with members from my team, who I could go to if I had any questions who were very supportive and always willing to go over anything which was not understood.

The only thing which my employer wanted in return is for me to be motivated and the want to progress and develop on my skills and knowledge as that in turn supports the department/business you’re working in.

After Successfully Completing My Apprenticeship

Upon completing my apprenticeship, I then had a Level 2 Business and Customer service NVQ / QCF alongside a year of experience within HR Transactions.

This then allowed me to apply as a HR Transactions Administrator, which was the role I was undertaking as an apprentice so the transition wasn’t difficult at all as I was already settled in.

From this I then was able to apply for a HR Transactions Officer role, which I completed for close to 3 years which gave me excessive amounts of transferable skills and experience.

I then used these to apply for a Finance Technician role within Pensions Finance Department and began studying to become an accountant I have now completed level 2 AAT and I am currently undertaking my level 3 AAT course.


My apprenticeship has been incredibly valuable for me as it has gotten me where I am today.  I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone as a stepping stone to beginning a career in an area you wish to work.

The pay isn’t fantastic when you start however the knowledge and experience you gain from this definitely balances this out in your future career.

You will also meet variety of people who have similar experiences and will able to guide a support you should you need it.

I see it as a win, win for the employer and employee.


You can find more information about completing an apprenticeship after your temporary job through Opus on the LGSS learning pool.

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Written by Gabriella Howard